Our Hearts & Prayers Go Out To Orlando – Film Geeks Ep #113


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This Week The Geeks Discussed:

• Briefly, the Orlando Massacre – Our Hearts, Thoughts & Prayers Go Out To All The Family, Friends & Survivors of the Awful Massacre That Happened There Last Night.

• V Saw “Me Before You” And Loved It – Nobody In the US Saw “Warcraft” But the Rest of the World Is Going Crazy For It!
• Fuller House Kicked Everybody’s Ass!
• Battlestar Galactica Is Getting A Movie, MallRats Is Getting A TV Show – Archer Might Be Getting A Movie Too & Jon Hamm Will Play Archer (What?!)
• Vimeo On-Demand Sounds Like They’re Closing Up Shop, But Vimeo Sounds So Happy About It.
• Hollywood Has “A Millenial Problem”?
• YouTube Pet Peeves, Stop Being Intentionally Uninformed & The Future of Entertainment Consumption … ?
• Tony Awards Are Tonight, Dedicated to Orlando
AI Wrote A Screenplay & It. Is. Awful.