Mobile Challenge Form


For WMM Regulars and Members ONLY!

We are hosting a 7-day Mobile Film Challenge, that ends with the film being screened at the WMM Screening Series.

One team of filmmakers will have 7 days to produce, edit and deliver a short film shot on a mobile device, with assistance from WMM and affiliated vendors. Essentially, we provide you with the gear and a place to come and edit (yes, on one of Sam’s bad-ass computers at LUMAFORGE). You will have from Monday through Saturday to finish the film AND THEN the finished film will premiere at the WMM SCREENING SERIES that very week!

TO APPLY, you will need:

A script that you can shoot simply and cheaply, with whatever locations are easily available to you. Four WMM team members (all of whom must be current Regulars or Members per the Patreon campaign) who are going to be responsible for getting it made. Each of the four members will take on one of four responsibilities:

  • Director
  • Sound & Camera
  • Head Writer
  • Post Supervisor

The sign-up form will go live on our site at 9am on the pre-announced day and will be taken down by 9am the following morning. All four team members listed on any form must agree to be on the team and to be responsible for their particular role as listed on the form. If any members are found to be not in agreement, that form is invalid and will be disqualified.

Entries will be open for 24 hours and the winning team will be chosen on a first-come first-served basis, but with a preference for teams who haven’t done the challenge in a while. Participants from the Mobile Challenge that took place in October of 2015 will be deprioritized this time around (only).

If any selected team fails to deliver the final film in time for the Sunday night screening, all four members of that team will be excluded from participation in the challenge for a 6-month period. No exceptions.

After you have been a team member on a finished mobile challenge film (Director, Sound & Camera, Head Writer or Post Supervisor), you can still submit but will not be given priority for another 3 months, giving other Members and Regulars a chance to participate. For example, if only one team with four members who haven’t done the challenge in three or more months fills out the form within the 24-hour time period, they will be selected, no matter how late they submitted the form within that time period, and no matter how many other teams filled it out before them. However if more than one such team fills out the form, the very first to have done so will be selected.

Once selected the winner will need to check out the equipment from Eric Kochmer [email protected].


1 Monopod (Mantrotto)
1 Monopod (Arevo)
1 i-phone magnetic tripod (Apple)
1 E835 Microphone (Sennheiser)
1 Handheld Microphone (MXL)
1 Shotgun Microphone NTG-3 (Rode)
1 Stabilizing Mount
1 Windshield Microphone Accessory
1 Smart Lav (Rode)
1 Telephoto Lens (monoprile)
1 XLR to TRRS Adapter
1 Clamp
1 Wide Angle Lens (Iographer)
1 Y-Cable
1 Black Back Drop

If you want to edit the piece on your own, you are welcome to, but if you don’t have access to editing facilities, you are free to take advantage of LUMA FORGE. The software available to work on at their facilities are ADOBE PREMIERE PRO and FINAL CUT PRO X. WMM will provide a list of tutorial videos if you need them. Personal instruction on the programs will be limited. Also keep in mind that Apple provides free FCPX classes at a variety of locations, but we suggest your Post-Supervisor avail themselves BEFORE the 7-Days begin.

Here is a tutorial to get started (I’m still working on finding the best ones) :

In order to complete the challenge you need to be able to deliver the film for the screening series on a flash drive to Ernie Charles on the Sunday of the screening series, so that he can test it. This needs to happen by 2 pm on Sunday, and Ernie’s contact information will be provided.