WMMFest is We Make Movies’ annual mini film festival within the larger Hollywood Fringe Festival from June 9th-26th.

Where: All shows are at Three Clubs (1123 Vine St, Hollywood, CA 90038)

Here’s our line-up!

wmmfest2016Thursday, June 9th / 7:15 pm

2015, 80 minutes

A dark comedy about Sal, the happy and hapless owner of a homegrown cookie company. With his business stalled and his life in a holding pattern, Sal and his business manager Tim place their hopes in the hands of the enigmatic Joshua Vandersteem. After the deal goes bad, Sal is forced into a desperate action, including an unplanned kidnapping. Now with the verbally acrobatic Vandersteem tied up and various associates sent to free him, circumstances quickly escalate beyond Sal’s control. Relationships are hurt and ultimately blood is drawn.

Leaping through time, The Mix tells the story about what happens when a good man makes one bad decision after another.

Directed by: Chris Mollica and Greg Townsend / Written by Chris Mollica and Kenneth R. Frank / Music by: Scott Wilk / Cinematography by: Ben Fredman / Produced by: Brett Brandle, Shawna Brandle, Kenneth R. Frank, Jennifer Lao, Greg Townsend and Chad Jamian Williams

Starring: Cyrina Fiallo, Chad Jamian Williams, Tara Samuel, Camelia Dee, Tyler Seiple, Leslie Simms, Rhomeyn Johnson, Chris Mollica, Brian Silliman, Emilio Rossal, Mike Shaffrey & Rory Samuel


Wednesday, June 15th / 7:15 pm

I Think I Need A Drink
2015, 10 minutes

An intriguing and comical story about a detective in search of a thief. He encounters a drunk who helps him, as he discovers more about his own life than he wants to know.

Directed by: Ernie Charles / Written by: Ernie Charles / Cinematography: Mike A. Ojeda / Produced by Ernie Charles, Jeremy Gilbreath, Brynna Yentz & We Make Movies

Starring: Ernie Charles, Samantha Koshak, David McCullough, Jed Mills, Momma (the chicken), Kelly Mullis, Heidi Schooler & Tim Wadhams

Get Spy Season 2 Episode 1 Double Cross
2016, 5 minutes and 11 seconds

The team is back! This time earning a little extra cash at an underground boxing match. However, the plan backfires when they unknowingly double cross Alvarez, queen of the Cuban mafia.

Directed by: Lorin Davis / Written & Created by: David Beatty / Produced by: Sara Monaghan & David Beatty

Starring: Chelsea Alden, David Beatty, Eric Davis, Branden Cook, Maite Garcia, Charlie Magdaleno, Kari Lane, Michael Beardsley, Curtis Bechdholt, Natasha Behnam, Krystal Beyer, Jennifer Churchich, Michael Dubay, Maria Granberg, Ray Holdridge, Tony Mouleart, D. Reynolds, Heidi Schooler, Amy Schumacher, Reyna Velarde and Jeron Wise

The Average White Male Comedian’s Plight Against Hollywood
2016, 5 minutes and 17 seconds

Fight the disadvantages that supremely advantaged white male actors face every single day in Hollywood.

Written & directed by: Chris Valenti

Starring: Chris Valenti & Leilani Wyatt

The Most Miserable Man In the World
2016, 1 minute and 14 seconds

Parody of the Dos Equis Most Interesting Man in the World Commercial.

Written & Directed by: John Mickevich & Chris Valenti

Starring: Chris Valenti, Bob Bancroft, Neil Vachani, Diane Taub, Ruth Learner, Evi Ginzburg, Mojo & John Mickevich

The Honesty Trial
2016, 11 minutes and 43 seconds

A new couple decides to have an honesty trial at the beginning of their relationship to fully reveal each other’s deepest, darkest secrets, so there are no surprises down the road.

Written & Directed by: Chris Valenti / Produced by: Chris Valenti, Scott Trost, Felicia Marie & Matt Stevens / Cinematography by: John Beaton Hill

Starring: Chris Valenti, Felicia Marie, Bob Bancroft, Doug VanBebber, Laura Azevedo, Brendan Weinhold, Brian Lally, Emily Banks, Ian Gray, Kylie Azevedo-Jones, Lou Justice Johnson, Adam Pilver, Lydia Nelsen, Natalie Weldon, Hayley McCarthy, Karen Jean Olds, Matt Stevens, Lorenzo Marquez, Michael Verdi and Victoria Verdi

Don’t Mind the Cat
2016, 3 minutes and 27 seconds

An exorcist is called to the home of a desperate married couple, who claims that there is a demon within. Little does he know what he’s gotten into until he realizes how cuckoo they really are.

Written, Directed & Produced by: Jasmine Marie / Editor: Eric Altman / Cinematographer: Eric Altman / Set Design: Mariah June

Starring: Peter Driscoll, Mariah June, Jared David & Jasmine Marie

Attack of the Film Festivals
2015, 17 minutes

Mockumentary filmmaker Pat McGreal goes behind the scenes and investigates the seedy underworld of these celluloid circuses where money and power go hand-in-hand with greed, sex and gluten.

Written & Directed by: Pat McGreal / Cinematography by: Patrick Allocca

Starring: Robert DiTillio, Christine DiTillio, Danny Vermont, Danny Kinsella, Valerie Kinsella, Clara Rodriguez, Kimmy Robertson, Amy Goldman Koss, Karen Lorshbough, Dave Edison, Mark Tracy, Gilmore Rizzo, Pat McGreal and Shannon Bobo

Misery Date
2014, 5 minutes

It may be her first date, but wait until you see what Katie has planned for freshman year at Berkeley.

Directed by: Sam Mestman / Written by: Patrick Duncan / Cinematography by: Chadd Dorak; Edited by: Christopher Frederick / Production Design by: Brynna Yentz / Produced by: Aubrey Mozino & Nathan Paul

Starring: Patrick Duncan, Allison Powell, Larry Altmayer and Jared Boghosian


Wednesday, June 22nd / 7:15 pm

2016, 10 minutes

A female assassin who is forced to make a decision that will alter her life forever.

Written, Directed, Editor & Director of Photography: Kelly Mullis

Starring: Amy Schumacher, John Hill, Christopher Kohls, Tony Handley & Jeffrey Gold

Get Spy Season 2 Episode 7: Girl Fight
2016, 4 minutes and 53 seconds

In a major turn, Alvarez and Evelyn show up to take the gold. Meanwhile, Steve gives Chad a little espionage logic as Isabelle and Evelyn explore their sexual tension by fisting each other’s face.

Directed by: Lorin Davis / Written & Created by: David Beatty / Produced by: Sara Monaghan & David Beatty

Starring: David Beatty, Chelsea Alden, Branden Cook, Alyson Daniel, Eric Davis, Maite Garcia, Ray Holdridge, Charlie Magdaleno, Mark McPherson, Diana Romo & Jaron Wise

2016, 10 minutes

When a detective commits an unspeakable crime, his partner must bring him to justice.

Directed by: Art Chong & Chad Kukahiko / Cinematography & Screenplay by: Art Chong / Producer: Kendall Kanoa Hawley / Production Design: Anthony Thurston / Sound Design: Nico Staub

Starring: Ronnie Marmo, Juan Cardenas, Michelle Loucadoux, Sam Felman, Paige Murtaugh, Dominic Lee, Allison Powell & Felicia Hom

Dorthy’s Secret
2015, 11 minutes

An elderly prostitute seeks absolution as she nears the end of a questionable and perhaps tragic life.

Written & Directed by: Matthew MacFadzean / Cinematography by: Jackson Parrell /  Edited by: Bryan Atkinson & Dev Singh / Produced by: Chris Baker, Natalie Lisinska, Matthew MacFadzean & Farah Way

Starring: Natalie Lisinska, Abigail Winter, David Storch, Trish Lindstrom, Chris Handfield, Brittany Kay, John Cleland, Rick Campbell, Hallie Seline, Ray Kerr, Stuart Hughes & Marye Barton

The Table Read
2015, 6 minutes and 55 seconds

What would happen if a legendary method actor was cast in a porn flick?

Written & Directed by Chris Valenti / Cinematography: John Beaton Hill / Sound: Heidi Schooler / Edited by: John Mickevich

Starring: Chris Valenti, Thom Rivera, Michael Beardsley, Jessica Rothert, Dawn Bower, Steve Brock & Mariah June

Coitus of the Week
2015, 27 minutes

Two pro sex-athletes compete, in bed, in front of a live audience, trying to force their opponent to have an orgasm, in this sports broadcast parody.

Written, Created, Directed & Produced by: Zack Van Eyck

Tony Mouleart, Paul Fanning, Lauren Kelly, Josh Margulies, Meghan Leone Cox, Michael Beardsley, Laura Jayne Blackwell, Kelly Mullis, Terry Opp, Jim McCaffree, Erica Eynon, Carmina Scarpa, Kai Hendrix, Leslie Simms, Annie Hardin, Shelia Dee, Nala Monroe, Shannon Glasgow, Leah Lewandowski, Sarah Oliver, Serena Hope Sun, Zack Van Eyck, Dwight Bryant, Shante Deloach, Patrick Duncan, Vince Freeman, Erin Michele Gabbard, Kenosha Gathers, Geoffrey Gould, Hayley Guilzia, Sharifa Laguerre, Suzanne Lake, Amber Lott, Collin Olympius, Joseph Otero, Leslie Pennington, Jonnathan Pipple, Erin Poland, Joan Quezada, D. Reynolds, Edmundo Rubio, Michael Russnow and Betty Yee-Opp

Pining Away
2009, 3 minutes and 28 seconds

Directed by: Brian Gaskill / Music Written & Performed by: Greta Gaines


Sunday, June 26th / 5:15 pm

Escape From Runyon

When two LA girls get lost hiking at Runyon, they enlist the help of an unlikely source — their Uber driver.

Writer & Director: Ayla Glass / Cinematography & Editor: Valentina Vee

Starring: Ayla Glass and Amy Schumacher

Get Spy Season 2 Episode 8
2016, 7 minutes and 47 seconds

As Chad, Evelyn and Kellie figure out how to open the treasure, Alvarez gives a cooking lesson on how to make the best guacamole.

Directed by: Lorin Davis / Produced by Sara Monaghan & David Beatty / Written & Created by David Beatty

Starring: David Beatty, Chelsea Alden, Branden Cook, Alyson Daniel, Eric Davis, Lorin Davis, Maite Garcia, Charlie Magdaleno, Mark McPherson & Diana Romo

Galactic Galaxy
2015, 10 minutes

When one man’s darkness threatens to engulf the universe, a group of interstellar misfits must come together to find their light and defend the Galactic Galaxy.

Created, Written & Directed by: Anthony Ferraro

Starring: Eric Michael Kochmer & Jonnathan Castile

Worst Response
2016, 2 minutes

Comercial of an “A-hole Detector” for pregnant women.

Directed by: Tony Mouleart / Written by: Laura Mannino /  Camera/Sound: Matthew Swanson / Edited by: Elan O’Connor

Starring: Elan O’Connor, Christine DiTillio, Robbie Blanco, Tony Mouleart & Dani Savka


2014, 10 minutes

Technology fails a woman isolated in her home.

Directed by: Brian Groh / Written by: Tara Price

Starring: Tara Price, Hina Khan, Judy Durning, Brian Hamill, Hannah Rose Landon, Willow Hale & John McCalmont

2016, 9 minutes and thirty eight seconds

After taking an overdose of pills and alcohol, a young woman calls people to tell them her suicide is their fault.

Written, Directed, Produced & Edited by: Derek Silvers

Starring: Lacey Rae


Two short films that are heading into the festival circuits were workshopped at WMM and they are sharing here first (ssshhhh).


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