February Rolling Production Fund – mini-update

An interesting turn of events has made it temporarily impossible for us to know the exact amount of the Rolling Production Fund at the moment. That was the bad news. The first of the good news is our lovely CFO gave birth a few weeks ago. In fact, if you’d like to get them something, here’s the link to the baby registry. Needless to say, she’s been a little pre-occupied lately.

The second bit of good news is that since we were on hiatus in December, our expenses were down substantially – though not quite by 100%. Some of our expenses are incurred whether or not we have any actual workshops. The third bit of good news is that since there’s a brand new option to use Paypal instead of Patreon to pay membership contributions (go to our donation page if you’re interested), there are other income sources we’ll need to parse, but again we don’t have our CFO at the moment. So here are screenshots of the last two months of Patreon income that you guys gave us and I’ll summarize just below.



Here’s the summary: since our numbers are so far off at the moment, I won’t bother with the math, but trust me: our Rolling Production Fund is currently …

more than $3800

I don’t exactly want to estimate because I have no idea how much our expenses were in December, but it’s at least $1 above $3800, and could be as much at $1000 more. Once we have our CFO back, we’ll be able to figure out the exact amount. Until then, tally ho!