WHEN: MARCH 9TH @ 7:30
WHERE: ELEPHANT STAGES – The Lillian Theatre (1076 Lillian Way, Los Angeles, CA 90038)

We are excited to hold our SHORT FILM CHALLENGE FINALS, in which our finalists pitch their projects for the opportunity to get their short films made for 5K, along with a plethora of additional values and benefits! 

Congrats & Best of Luck to our SIX finalists:

Patrick Duncan with CONTROL
Christine DiTillio with THE BOOK CLUB
Christopher Kohls with ANGUS DERBY
Michael Beardsley with KEPT
Chris Valenti with SUBTEXT
Brian Gaskill with HOPE.

Some details on what they will need to prepare and think about:

– You will get one final reading of the script (you must use the same exact script as the one which advanced to the finals) and you are in charge of casting all roles.
– You will also get 7 minutes to present a pitch about your project. Someone will notify you when you have 2 minutes left during the pitch.
– The order of the night will be determined by a random drawing at the beginning of the evening on 2/17
Tips for The Pitch:

Do have your final cast in place and have as many of them as possible rehearsed and ready to read. If they can be off book, even better. The more WMM paid members you have in your cast, the more votes you will likely receive, as they are the only ones with a vote. You need a minimum of 50% PAID WMM members in your cast in order to receive funding for your movie.

Do have a line item budget of how you plan on allocating the $5000 budget for your movie. Be willing to clearly explain to the voters why your movie is easily producible for this budget, especially when it comes to any gnarly special effects, children, or locations that might be present. Producibility is going to be heavily emphasized. It’s not good enough to have a great script… you’ve got to be able to actually shoot it.

Do spend some time in your pitch explaining why this is a movie that should be made, and a great representation of the type of film WMM should be making.

You will not receive a check for 5k and be able to just make your movie. You will need to get your expenses approved by a WMM Line Producer and must invoice for them in order for them to be paid. Your WMM Line Producer will handle all insurance and accounting expenses relating to your film. It is in your best interest to have a producer of your own to manage all other production tasks.
In addition to an official WMM Line Producer, WMM is offering to furnish free editorial space (as in, a place to edit), and color correction (Sam will color correct your movie for you) services. WMM will also be happy to give you recommendations for crew and post production professionals should you need them, both prior to, and after the finals.

You MUST compensate all cast and crew appropriately and comply with Union standards when applicable. If using any SAG-AFTRA actors in your production you must meet all Union requirements as stated in either the new media or short film contracts. Paying all crew at least $100/day is encouraged, although we also endorse bartering and trading services. All exchanges must be approved by the WMM line producer assigned to your project.”

Do NOT over think this or see this opportunity as the only way to make your film. Treat this experience, win or lose, as part of the process of you getting to make a movie that you’re passionate about. Use the finals as an impetus for you to get your preproduction together, regardless of the challenge. MAKE THE MOVIE YOU WANT TO SEE AND HAVE FUN WHILE YOU DO IT!