#OscarsSoBlack and Film Adaptations – Film Geeks Ep 102


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This week Garrett is With Special Guest Veronica Shea – Chad Was Sick & Michelle Was Out of Town.
Garrett & Veronica discussed:

  • They Honored the Deaths of David Bowie & Alan Rickman
  • Veronica Reviewed “The Revenant”
  • Oscar Nominations (Uh … No Black Actors Again?) #OscarsSoWhite This Gem From Jada Pinkett Smith
  • Netflix’s “Making A Murderer” Is Making Waves – Both in the Entertainment & the Legal Worlds. Will the Show Be Able to Force Another Appeal? We’ll See.
  • Star Wars: Episode VIII Is Coming Out May 2017, buuuuuut Rogue One, the In-Between Star Wars movie, Is Coming Out This Year Right Before Christmas w/ a Young Han Solo!

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