WMM Film Geeks Podcast #100: 2015-12-20


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This week, the Geeks talked about:

  • STAR WARS! … and that was pretty much it.
    Started off without SPOILERS, but then got into some spoiler, but were very clear when making the jump. If you don’t want to hear ANY SPOILERS at all and don’t even what to know anything about the movie until you see it, you should probably not watch (or listen) until you’ve seen the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens. If you want to hear a little about it, but don’t want any spoilers feel free to watch until we say not to. Of course if you saw the film and you want to listen to us talk a little in depth about it, then watch (or listen) away and feel free to comment below.
  • The Vanity Fair article About The Beginning Of The Franchise & How George Lucas Used This Single Story To Make Him A Billionaire.
  • Check Out Chad’s Interview W/ New Filmmakers LA & Moviemaker Magazine
  • Quick Note: Film Geeks Taking The Next Two Weeks Off, So Check Back For More Film Geeks Sunday, January 10th.
  • Happy Holidays!!!

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