Self-Distribution: You Don’t Have to (And Probably Shouldn’t) Do It All Yourself

The Director of Independent Film at Tugg has some thoughts to share on how to maximize self-distribution.

Let’s say you’ve spent four years working on your independent film, from idea to post-production, and now you’re finally ready to release. Like all films made under $100 million, your film isn’t for everyone. Instead, your film has an identifiable audience that’s bound by their love for surfing, their military service, their commitment to protecting the environment, or, generally speaking, their desire to see their experience reflected on screen.

With time, effort, and a strategic plan, this audience can be reached, engaged, and motivated to act in big ways. And similar to the making of your film, having the right team in place to execute makes the difference in successful self-distribution.

However, you’re tired. The filmmaking process has made you weary. And quite possibly, broke. You haven’t had the time to think about distribution or audience. Hell, you’re not a marketer. In fact, the word marketing makes you visibly cringe. Outreach sounds like a lot of work (because it is). And engagement seems like an overused term that doesn’t mean anything.

Yet, you want as many people as possible to see your film…

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