December Rolling Production Fund

Here’s the December 2015 update – the last of the year – to the We Make Movies Rolling Production Fund, the fund we use to green-light community projects.

RPF Dec 15

Here’s the breakdown:

  • We collected a total of $2062.50 from November pledges (for December memberships).
  • $2062.50 minus $1600 is $462.50.
  • 70% of $462.50 is $323.75.
  • $323.75 plus the $2880.01 from what we’ve raised so far this year is $3203.76.

The Rolling Production Fund Short Film Challenge finals are coming. Congrats to all the finalists: Patrick Duncan, Christine DiTillio, Christopher Kohls, Michael Beardsley, Chris Valenti & Brian Gaskill – and good luck to you at the finals, the date of which will be announced shortly. And to those of you who submitted, but whose projects didn’t make it to the finals, thanks so much for playing and please don’t forget that you can make your films anyway. Every time we have one of these types of challenges, several of the films who don’t get the production funds get made anyway, so please make your films! The name of the group is We Make Movies, so don’t make liars of us all. =P