Ex-Paramount President Adam Goodman Launches “Nimble” New Film Label

Dichotomy, which will employ an incremental financing structure for microbudget projects, aims to ask, “If we were starting this business today, how would we make movies?”

Adam Goodman, who departed as president of the Paramount Pictures film group in February, is launching Dichotomy, a new company that will aim to make big movies as well as far smaller films through a new model that will finance projects in increments.

Goodman, whose company has a first-look deal at Paramount, has raised funds from an undisclosed source but continues to pursue additional financing.

As studios increasingly focus on comic-book movies and pre-branded franchises, Goodman hopes to make films in other genres using digital technology to streamline the filmmaking process from development through post-production.

“When you look at how we produce most movies today, it’s largely based on an inefficient hundred-year-old process using production techniques and film technology that has calcified, and failed to utilize innovations available to the industry,” Goodman tells The Hollywood Reporter. “We’ve never hit the pause button and said, ‘if we were starting this business today, how would we make movies?’ ”…

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