September Rolling Production Fund

Here’s the September 2015 update to the We Make Movies Rolling Production Fund, the fund which we’ll use to green-light community projects as it reaches certain benchmarks.


Here’s the breakdown:

  • We collected a total of $1892.50 from August pledges (for September memberships).
  • $1892.50 minus $1600 is $292.50.
  • 70% of $292.50 is $204.75.
  • $204.75 plus the corrected final of $2050.86 from what we’ve raised so far this year is $2255.61.

So go ahead and start sending in your submissions for the Rolling Production Fund Short Film Challenge! Submissions are open from now until October 6th, but ONLY for Members or Regulars. Here’s the current list of Members & Regulars in case there’s any doubt.