Changing Your Career by Changing Your Vocabulary

Struggling, sacrificing, and suffering…are three words that you should never use to describe yourself or your acting career.

The world sees you as you see you and as you express yourself. If you say you’re a successful working actor most people will assume that it’s true.

But…if when asked “What do you do?” by a stranger, you hesitate and respond, “I’m an struggling artist,” “I’m a starving actor,” “I endure a lot of suffering for my art,” or “I’m sacrificing myself at a horrific day job waiting for my acting career to happen,” they’ll assume that you’re a dreamer, not someone to be respected or admired.

These phrases, said even in jest, reinforce that you are indeed suffering, starving, and guess what?Losing in life.

Likewise, industry professionals will take you at your word and not be very impressed. They’ll also assume you’re probably not a very good actor and not very professional, otherwise you’d be working more—or they’ll think you just have a bad attitude and low self-esteem. You may even give them the impression that you’re resentful because you haven’t gotten a “break” yet, or you’re waiting to be “discovered,” or that you are not very pro-active. Whatever they perceive, it’s probably going to be negative. You’ve basically shot yourself in the foot by careless use of language…

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