WMM: Film Central #10 – Why Motion is Worth Your Time (feat. Mark Spencer)

If there’s anyone in the world to talk to about Motion, it’s Ripple Training’s Mark Spencer.  If you’ve been wondering about Apple’s Motion, and what you should be doing with it, this podcast is for you.  Sam and Mark talk 3D Text, Mark’s new plugins, Motion vs. After Effects, the FCPX Creative Summit, who motion is really designed for, and a whole bunch of other stuff.

Also, here’s some other ways to connect with Mark:

Motion in Under 5 Minutes Playlist

Mark’s Plugins

The Motion 5 Essentials training bundle

Macbreak Studio

FCPX Virtual User Group

Twitter – @markspen, @rippletraining

This podcast is also brought to you in part by Lumaforge, a place where problems for Creative Professionals get solved.  Their solution for group workflow, the SHARESTATION, is available now over at www.lumaforge.com.

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