Video On Demand Platform Yekra Shuts Down

A company that offered studios and filmmakers a platform on which they could sell their work directly to viewers has gone dark. Yekra, which targeted documentaries and feature at the audiences most likely to enjoy them, has shut down.

Sonya Waterworth, one of Yekra’s co-founders, discussed Yekra’s closure in a Facebook post. She explained how the company’s investors “shut the doors without notifying anybody.” Waterworth, along with her husband and fellow Yekra co-founder Lee Waterworth, left the company in April.

Yekra first popped onto our radar in 2013, when it roared out of beta with $3 million in funding. At that point, several other options already existed for creators looking to sell their work directly to consumers, but Yekra hoped to use its technology to establish its niche. It was bullish on its AffiliateConnect tool, which it used to find the consumers who would be most interested in buying and sharing specific films. Yekra also allowed its sellers to enable DRM, which gave it an advantage among studios that wished to utilize the controversial distribution technology

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