Top Five

FABULOSITY FRIDAYS - MichelleWell, hello actors! I trust you’re having a lovely and slightly restful time leisurely auditioning for films and commercials, hiking, and laying on the beach working on your tan.I’m here to tell you that EPISODIC SEASON IS AROUND THE CORNER. Like, literally a month away. I’m also here to tell you that I did a little research. Do you know that there are over 200 casting directors in Los Angeles? That’s just Los Angeles. That’s a lot of postcards (though who the heck does post cards anymore anyway?).

I may be speaking for myself only here, but I tend to be the kind of gal that throws a bunch of spaghetti on the wall to see what sticks. I will admit that from time to time, my focus is, well, everywhere. You name the casting director in Los Angeles, chances are, I’ve met them – either auditioning for them or taking one of their pay-to-play classes. Film, TV, commercials, you name it.

Now, it has not all been for naught. Like most of you, I’m sure, I have my folks who know me that call me in on a regular basis for stuff – people that have been what I would deem a “win” from one of these scenarios. But other than that, I’ve generally only met the people outside my circle of known casting folks once. And I’ve met a lot of them. But only once.

Let’s say that I’ve met 40 or so casting folks in the past two years I’ve been in LA. I’ll say four or five of them know me very well and have cast me, etc. The other 35? I just met them, read for them, and moved on. Maybe they didn’t have anything for me at the time. Maybe I didn’t have a good read. MAYBE (and this is the most likely) they just forgot about me. I mean, heck, even I can’t remember some of THEIR names. And I expect them to remember ME?!?! Not so likely.

downloadMy advice going into the upcoming episodic season? PICK FIVE. Choose five casting directors that cast shows that you are right for and MAKE THEM REMEMBER YOU! (In a good way. Please don’t take my advice and go be Stalky McStalkerstein.) Take a class with them. Tell your agent you’re honing in on their shows. Send them updates (facebook, postcards, whatever they prefer).

The brilliant Dallas Travers says that people need an average of seven to eleven points of contact to remember a person. That means once generally doesn’t cut it. In fact, not even close. Seems daunting, right? I agree. But that’s our job. And our business. And when you book your recurring role on your multi-camera sitcom this season, call me and I’ll come pat your back while you’re lounging in your trailer.