Screenplay Writing Explained In 7 Infographics

Screenplay writing is a visual art form, so let’s approach the topic visually. Here are 7 of the most succinct and compelling infographics about screenplay writing.

Screenplay Writing Lesson #1: Look At The Big Picture

When you get serious about screenplay writing, you’ll realize that at some point, your script is likely to end up in the hands of a script reader.

This infographic is the work of an anonymous professional reader who read 300 screenplays from five studios and compiled the issues.

While this isn’t the same as rigorous scientific data, I find it interesting and is congruent with my experience reading countless scripts submitted to studios.

Where is your project original and where does it meet conventional expectations?


Screenplay Writing Lesson #2: Choose Your Genre

One of the most crucial aspects of screenplay writing is genre.

This is especially important if you have not sold your first project yet.

Screenplays must fit into a particular genre because genre translates to audience and budget (and therefore, to a payday for you).

Luckily, there are many genres and subgenres to choose from.

Where does your script fit?




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