Fabulosity Fridays: JUST TIME IT

Hey actors, I have an admission to make. I have been intending for the past four days to upload my new headshots to Reproductions and have them printed. I have not. And I have tons and tons of excuses. Here are a few:

FABULOSITY FRIDAYS - MichelleWork has been crazy busy.
I am was on and am recovering from vacation.
I’m sick.
I’m waiting until my next paycheck.
I am catching up on the new season of True Detective.
I have to paint my toenails because I want to wear my open-toed shoes tomorrow.

You know, stuff like that. Since moving to LA, I now believe that the single biggest pitfall for actors is procrastination. And why would we do things in a timely manner?  Nobody else does. Los Angeles (and most of the people in it) is the hugest time vortex of all because, guess why . . . IT’S ALWAYS SUMMER HERE!!! You can go to the beach or go for a hike and then the sun is setting and you start in on your first margarita. On the other hand, if you live in New York, you look up, and it suddenly starts snowing and you have been meaning to upload your head shots since you wore flip flops and a maxi dress to the movie in Bryant Park, then you realize you’re in trouble. Not here! Here, you’re still wearing the same flip flops and realize three years later that you’re maybe-kind-of-sometimes a slacker. (Myself included, people. Nobody’s casting stones.)

So, here’s my best advice on how to conquer the persistent draw of the vortex of ennuyeux. In three words.


That’s it. Ladies and gentlemen, I propose that we all set a timer for ten minutes per day to do “business stuff”. Whether it’s at 6am or 12am (though, pretty please never do it drunk), set your happy iPhone timer and DO SHIT! Upload new photos to your actors access. Email or Facebook a casting director (only those you know don’t mind it, please). Research new representation. Re-edit your reel. Hootsuite your week’s industry-friendly tweets. Read a screenplay. Work on securing funding for a project you’re producing. Write a web series. Unsolicitedly put yourself on tape for an indie film. WHO CARES!! Just do things!stop-watch-bicycle-coaching

Tell you what. Starting tomorrow, July 1st (you’ll be reading this a little late, so it will be a few days later), I PROMISE I will spend ten minutes MINIMUM on the business of “the business”.  AND I will raise the ante. I wager that by September 1st (a total of ten hours of my time over two months), SOMETHING will have come of it.

So, there. Let’s try it. Join me?

Pinky swear?

Let’s see what happens.