Industry Pulse Wednesdays: Introducing the Post Lab

Hey guys,

Sam here… it’s been a crazy last few months, and honestly, it’s been too hectic to do much posting, writing, or podcasts… pretty much because of the following links:

industry pulse - sam mestman

That said, there’s going to be a lot of things coming your way here moving forward. Probably the coolest thing that’s happened to me is being able to get back in the lab with Neil Smith and Eric Altman at Lumaforge and beginning the process of building new solutions for filmmakers.

If I were a new filmmaker today, here’s what I’d be thinking about:

  • Your process is the only thing that matters. Can you find a good way to tell the story on screen and find the right way to get it up on the screen? Do you know what the tools are to translate the vision that’s in your head into something that makes sense to other people when they see it?
  • Your canvas no longer matters – It might be a movie theater, it might be web, it might be virtual reality (if you don’t know why, you need to go see an Oculus demo and start thinking about how you’re going to take advantage of it)… but there is no longer one place for you to build content for.  There’s multiple mediums and multiple places to tell a story… the real question is do you know which canvas your story is right for, and do you know how to tell that story in a way that separates it from all the other choices out there?
  • There’s a million tools… so which ones are for you? – Guess what, we’re now in a world where there’s a million ways to the same place when it comes to cameras, editing software, process, and even the operating system and computer you use.  Do the tools you already use make your life easier or harder?  Is your process clean or convoluted?  If you find that you keep hitting a bottleneck as you make your content, my real recommendation is maybe you need to examine that particular hole in the chain and see if there’s a better way to do it.  These days, there’s almost always an easier, better way if you find that what you’re doing is really hard.

Anyway, get ready for a whole bunch of things coming your way soon from the Lab.  Our goal in the Lumaforge Lab is going to be to find the simplest way from point A to point B for filmmakers to tell their story, and to have all of this tech start to get out of the way, and start getting back to clean ways to tell our stories.  Sometimes too much choice is a bad thing… we’re working on solving that for filmmakers.  Stay tuned for a lot more practical things on that topic coming your way soon.