Greta Gerwig Wants To Make Movies About Female Relationships — Yes, Please

As an actor, writer, producer and director, Greta Gerwig has had plenty of experience both behind and front of the camera. All that experience has given her an often disconcerting look at the absurd expectations we place on female characters and, as she put it, “women in general.” The Huffington Post caught up with Gerwig to talk about her most recent role in the film “Eden” and that pesky (and sexist) “likability” problem, which plagues fictional and nonfictional ladies alike.

What drew you to working on “Eden”? Stylistically, you and Mia Hansen-Løve seem like such a great fit.
I was a really big fan of Mia’s after [her 2009 film] “Father of My Children.” I just thought she was brilliant. I never thought I would get the chance to work with her because she worked with French actors. But then a friend of mine who is a producer told me she was putting together the movie that became “Eden” and said, “I’d like Greta to play our American girlfriend, but I can’t get a hold of her.” I said I would do anything! And then I did. We were both, from a distance, feeling each other. It’s so great when you find out someone you admire also has an interest in you.

You’ve had a diverse career, managing to act, write, direct and produce. How do you chart your career in terms of choosing what form of storytelling to focus on?
I’m taking it project by project. That’s what I’ve always done. I think I have a compass in a way. I try and check back in with myself to make sure I’m following true north. I don’t have an architecture planned for my career or anything like that, but I think it’s definitely evolved and I’ve been very lucky working with people I admire.

Especially with acting, you’re so rarely choosing your career. You’re hoping you get jobs and then you’re hoping you get to work with people you like. So, I find it impossible to micromanage. In terms of writing, I think that’s become more of a constant, and much more the meat of what I do…

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