Tech & Trade Tuesday: avoiding spoilers in a digital world

if you’re active on social media and also the fan of a popular show, like say Game of Thrones, avoiding spoilers (and there will be NO spoilers in this article by the way) can be extremely difficult. though i have read all of the available “A Song of Ice & Fire” books (that’s what the book series of “Game of Thrones” is called in case you didn’t already know), i have NOT seen last night’s episode as of the writing of this article. yet there are dozens of tweets, web site headlines & facebook updates which hint about a MAJOR event that apparently happened in the season five GoT finale. again, since i’ve read the books i have an idea what that event is and have had nearly four years since i read it in “A Dance With Dragons” to recover from it emotionally – but for people who haven’t known about this event these spoilers could be just awful.

luckily there’s an app for that: Spoiler Shield.

logo70though i haven’t tried it myself yet. i did just download it and configure it on my Chrome and on my phone to block Game of Thrones and Silicon Valley spoilers. haven’t seen much of a change yet, but i guess no news will be the best news. i’ll let you know how it goes after i’ve had some time to mess with it some more, but it’s a free download so go ahead and try it yourself if you’re sick of the spoilers. you can use it to block sports spoilers too, so all you sports fans out there who are stuck working or at a wedding or something during the big play-off games, this just might be the helpful solution you’re looking for.

now all you need to worry about is text messages and direct messages from your spoiling friends or family. unfortunately i don’t think there’s an app for them quite yet. =/