We are sorry to say that ALL FOUR TEAM SPOTS HAVE ALREADY BEEN TAKEN, but if you’d like to put a team on the wait list feel free to fill out the form. If a team drops out, we’ll go down the list to the next qualified team and see if they would like to take the spot. Thank you!


The following teams have been chosen!

Team One:
Dir: Dawn Bower
S&C: Kelly Mullis
HW: Chris Valenti
PS: Michael Beardsley

Team Two:
Dir: Curtis Bechtoldt
S&C: David Doman
HW: Jeffrey Gold
PS: Kassie Johnston

Team Three:
Dir: Dawn Alden
S&C: Brendan Weinhold
HW: Stina Pederson
PS: Tracy Peyton

Team Four:
Dir: Jared Boghosian
S&C: Ryan Murphy
HW: Jeff Bower
PS: Michelle Loucadoux


WMM is partnering with the Santa Monica Apple store to bring you a unique educational and artistic challenge.
We are excited to present the first-ever APPLE MOBILE FILM CHALLENGE!

When this is happening:
We are treating this like a 48 hour film festival of sorts.
The writing, pre-production, shoot and post-production will take place on October 17th, followed by a special screening at The Three Clubs on the 18th.

To Submit:
– Assemble your team (look below for specifics).
– Submit to [email protected].
– Submissions are open ONLY on Tuesday, September 8th.
– The first 4 viable options received will be the teams chosen to participate (first-come-first-served).

The Challenge:
– There will be 4 teams of 4 people (all members must be current WMM Regulars or Members).
– Must assign team members to the following positions in your submissions: Writer / Director / DP & Sound / Post.
– On the day of the challenge, you will be given a pre-production workshop, equipment to shoot the film and a post-production workshop to complete your film. 

The Specifics:
– The films will be all be shot on iPhones.
– Apple is providing equipment (TBD) for the shoot.
– Apple is sponsoring all the films’ craft services.
– Post-production workshop will be provided by Sam on the day of the challenge (17th).
– Teams will be assigned a producer, but NO budget.

Click here to apply.