What’s in Your Kit: Cinematographer Frankie DeMarco

The Kit

I’ve chosen to exclude my meters, specialty lenses and other DP hardware and opted to show you what’s in my “use-all-the-time” kit. I use these items on all my projects: movies, TV pilots or commercials.


A. Adidas ClimaCool trainers / $60

I like to change shoes halfway through the day. It really keeps the stamina up. JC Chandor and Anna Gerb gave me these on AllisLost.

B. Bonger / $20

Japanese massage tool for relieving neck and back stress.

C. Tiffen .15ND filters

Sometimes a half stop makes all the difference. Angelo Pizzo and Paul Schiff gave me these custom-made filters from the Filter Gallery in NYC after shooting on MyAllAmerican wrapped.

D. Small container with my mother’s ashes

She never got to travel, so I sprinkle these in the far-off places I find myself…




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