Watch: The Future of Acting in the Technological Age

In the 2013 film “The Congress,” Hollywood studios digitally scan actors and then make films starring computer-generated characters. It’s a futuristic vision that is, in fact, happening on a much smaller scale right now as advancements in 3D scanning, motion capture and digital rendering are blurring the line between human and hologram.

In its first episode of The Creators Project’s new series “ReForm,” we meet researchers such as Paul Debevec, who is introducing the world to the concept of the 3D actor with “Digital Ira,” which he’s created in collaboration with Activision.

Actor Stephen Lang, who played the villainous Colonel Quaritch in James Cameron’s “Avatar,” explains what it’s like to see your 3D replica. “They’re able to capture all of your expressions, 360 degrees, all the follicles of your hair and everything, so it can basically duplicate you… It’d be strange if like, 30 years after I’m dead, I show up doing porno,” he jokes in the episode.

Check out “Hollywood’s Digital Humans,” the first episode in the series, below and visit The Creators Project for more information.

Watch the video originally posted with this article from Indiewire.