The New Online Tool for Last-Minute Audition Rehearsals

It’s Tuesday afternoon and on the way to your bartending-restaurant-yoga teacher survival job, you check your email: You’ve got an audition tomorrow at 4 p.m. for a big pilot.

Between now and then you figure you have, at most, a solid five hours to learn your lines before you’re expected to be in Santa Monica for your reading. But your roommate’s out of town, you can’t afford to pay an acting coach this week, your sister’s tired of running lines with you on Skype, and considering you’ve just moved to L.A., your friend pool sits somewhere between small and nonexistent—leaning more toward the latter.

Before April 2015, there was little to be done here, but thanks to three forward-thinking actors, being unable to find an impromptu scene partner is becoming a thing of the past. Jessica Rose, Darren Darnborough, and Richard Cambridge, founders of, have built a network for actors looking for readers, and for actors and coaches alike who want to make a few extra bucks by getting hired as a scene reader.

“When Jess sent me that [idea] I was actually in my dressing room for a job,” explains Darnborough, who serves as chief strategy officer of the company. “I was on ‘2 Broke Girls’ and the script had just been changed last minute and I was alone in my dressing room. The way I normally learn scripts is by reading them with other people. And I thought, I’m on a job now, I’ve got to sit here and learn this myself, and when she sent me the survey, I thought, Oh gosh, if this existed right now, I’d be using it right at this moment.”…

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