Screenwriter’s Guide to Finding a Hollywood Manager or Agent

The storyline: original.

The structure: powerful. 

The characters: well-developed.

The climax: mind-altering

The payoff: worth every single moment of the journey.

This is the goal of any literary property…to take the audience on a journey and provide an escape from reality.

Many hours over many days, weeks, and likely many months have been invested in the creative process of bringing carefully crafted words on each and every page of a sparkling new story to life, while you (the writer) have undoubtedly sacrificed sleep, sanity, a social life (a show of hands for the writers reading this who are actually social butterflies?), relationships, and even basic hygiene; all in an effort to make sure that each and every word, action, and emotion contained within the pages of your dynamic new story jumps clear off the print and grabs anyone who may find themselves lucky enough to get hands on such a brilliant piece of literature by the proverbial throat.

Undoubtedly combined with a careful eye for grammar and spelling, you have critiqued your new story over and over no less than a dozen times to ensure that every punctuation mark is in its proper place, every character’s name and emotive word is spelled correctly, and that just enough unique and colorful descriptions have been incorporated to impress even the most calloused readers in the cutthroat literary industry, who (without apology) insist that they have literally read it all.

So, what comes next? How do you grab the attention of a literary representative, who, with the mere click of a keyboard, harbors the magical powers to further an aspiring writer’s career?…

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