May Rolling Production Fund

UPDATE: More last minute funds came through and the numbers have been updated to reflect them.

Here’s the May 2015 update to the We Make Movies Rolling Production Fund, the fund which we’ll use to greenlight community projects as it reaches certain benchmarks.


Here’s the breakdown:

  • We collected a total of $1727.50 from April pledges (for May memberships).
  • $1727.50 minus $1600 is $127.50.
  • 70% of $127.50 is $89.25
  • $89.25 plus the corrected* final of $343.35 from what we raised during the first quarter is $432.60

Don’t forget to start sharpening up your short film script. Submissions could open as soon as fall, and if you’re not yet a paid member, make sure you sign up soon if you want to submit your short film script.


*During the course of any given month, pledges that were declined for any reason at the beginning of the month may be fixed by the end of the month. The Rolling Production Fund will be corrected upward whenever this occurs.