How Hollywood Monitors Social Media To Help Movies Make Money

If you are one of the estimated 56% of movie-going Twitter users who takes to the platform to rant about an actor or rave about a film, watch out – the studios are listening.

In the last few years, a handful of companies have started tuning into social media conversations to gather information on how people perceive movies and their stars. In a multi-billion dollar industry, where production budgets can top $200 million per film – and marketing budgets may soar just as high – insight into what people think about a leading man or blockbuster trailer is lucrative knowledge that, if harnessed, can flip a film from red to black.

Fizziology is one such social media research firm which provides studios with reports sourced from online sentiments. “We have over 2 billion social media feeds related to media and entertainment in our data warehouse,” explains Ben Carlson , cofounder of the Indianapolis, IN-based company which has built software that plugs into Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram and blogs to follow conversations about movies.

Gifs of an actress posted to Tumblr, tweets about a Fast & Furious sequel – all of this data is pulled and filtered by one of Fizziology’s 12 full-time employees or various freelancers, providing a confidence level in their research, says Carlson. Then, that data is packaged into reports provided to studios for a fee (Fizziology would not disclose exact prices)…

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