Here’s How to Get Elijah Wood and the SpectreVision Team to Produce Your Film

SpectreVision, the genre film production company spearheaded by Elijah Wood along with filmmakers Daniel Noah and Josh C. Waller, is on a roll. Last year, the company helped to produce the breakout Sundance hit “A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night,” in addition to Nacho Vigalondo’s “Open Windows” and the sleeper hit “Toad Road.” A year earlier, the company premiered the horror-comedy “Cooties” at Sundance, where it landed a lucrative deal with Lionsgate, which will release the movie this fall.

More recently, SpectreVision screened the creepy thriller “The Boy” — about a psychologically troubled child who lives at an isolated motel — in competition at the SXSW Film Festival. While the Los Angeles-based company continues to grow, it has several more projects in development and intends to take on a lot more in the near future. At the Stanley Film Festival in Colorado last weekend, where “Cooties” screened as the horror festival’s opening night selection, the trio behind the company sat down with Indiewire to clarify the criteria driving their business.

If somebody else is doing it, they’re not interested.

“The number one thing for us is whether it’s unique.” –Daniel Noah

What is a SpectreVision film? That’s no easy question to answer, considering the diversity of the company’s slate so far. But that same of variety is key to understanding SpectreVision’s sensibilities. “The number one thing for us is whether it’s unique,” said Noah, the company’s head of development. “When we’re evaluating projects, the first thing we ask ourselves is whether anyone else is making this kind of film.”…

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