Should We Really Fear Movie Sequels?

There’s a new Pitch Perfect movie coming out next week. I knew that they were making Pitch Perfect 2 but I didn’t realise it was coming around for general release so soon. I became aware when I saw a poster for the film in the lobby of my local multiplex last week.

My first thought was “Oh, Pitch Perfect 2 is coming out”. My second thought, sadly, was “Hurm. Do we really need a Pitch Perfect sequel?” (This is the crucial thought so remember this). My third thought was “Ah, it’s coming out on the same week as Mad Max: Fury Road.” I then had fantastical visions of Max singing a capella mash-ups in the haze of the post-apocalyptic outback, bustin’ rhymes and bustin’ feral thug-brains in perfect harmony. There’s your sequel pitch – ‘Mad Max: The Rockatansky Rock-Off’.

The third thought and its subsequent fantastical tangent quickly dissipated and I let the bad idea vanish into the aether. The second thought, however, boomeranged back to the forefront of my consciousness and I scrutinised it and, indeed myself. “Do we really need a Pitch Perfect sequel?” I asked again, my internal monologue quoting my own past internal monologue and thus making things a bit confusing.

My internal monologue then got really angry at myself. “Whoa now! What’s this attitude, man?” Right there and then, in the lobby of the cinema complex, I dressed myself down and checked myself for something that I don’t like to see. That something is a mindset moving along the lines of pessimism, cynicism, jadedness and general negativity. (Disclaimer: I didn’t literally dress myself down. Nudity is not encouraged in cinemas and normally requires an 18 certificate from the BBFC.)…

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