Work Out Your Trust Muscle

Does this sound familiar… You’re a hard worker with a clear performance goal. You audition, attend workshops, take classes and send out monthly mailings. You even place confident phone calls to intimidating industry bigwigs to nurture your connections. But you’re still not booking.

It may not be your to-do list that needs work but instead your inner muscle of trust. Here is a quick guide to acknowledging self-doubt and embracing your own path to success.

Be, Allow and Receive

Many of us declare we’ll do something, take action and then make it happen. It feels awesome. Then we commit to a new effort, take action again and watch that blossom too. We feel efficient. We think we have control, and it feels so good.

But sometimes that focus on action just to maintain this sense of control can be misleading. We might constantly grab for the next task because action keeps us comfortable. Many of us feel super uncomfortable with simply being, allowing and receiving.

Let’s get honest here. In your experience how much trust do you have:

a) In the actions you’re taking?
b) In yourself?
c) In the machine that is the entertainment industry?

Just notice if you feel any flags of doubt when you ask yourself those questions…

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