We’re Up To Something

It’s been a little while since I’ve stepped in for Chad to write the Tech and Trade blog. Usually, my articles are my point of view with a little bit of linkage to some app or site or another that I think can help folks succeed, or at the very least, fail less.

This time is different. I don’t have to link you to someone else. I’m going to link you to me… well, a company I am a partner in at the least. Just a few months back, I got a call from Sam Mestman, asking if I wanted to see something that would blow my mind. I was curious. I was dubious. Of course the answer was going to be yes. This was the first such call Sam had ever made to me, so I felt that difference warranted closer examination.

I arrived at the address, a business just south of Beverly Hills. When I stepped into the office, I saw a few computer screens playing back multi-cam streams in FCPX, 4 of them and 16 streams each. They were connected by simple ethernet to a single box in the center of the room that looked like Frankenstein’s Server. It was ugly but when I stood there, confused and curious and Sam told me that each of those streams I saw, was of 4K video and all of them were coming from that ugly Frankenserver simultaneously? I immediately knew I was there for a reason.

My mission, should I choose to accept it, was to convert that hunk of jagged metal and silicon in the center of the room into something more elegant, quieter, more efficient, more powerful, and universal to any client platform… then to build it en masse once the calls start coming in after we announced.

Welcome to LumaForge. Welcome to the LUMASHARE!

We announced her at LACPUG this past Wednesday and it was everything I hoped for. The server performed exactly like she was supposed to. We had 84 independently playing streams of 4k footage playing across 4 Mac Pros, an iMac and a Macbook Pro all from our latest prototype. It was the definite highlight of the night and for good reason. My literal blood, sweat, and tears are in that box and I’m proud of what me, Sam, and our partner in crime, Neil, have accomplished. Throughout the night we fielded questions, exchanged business cards, and felt waves of excitement. The calls are, in fact, coming in and there is every indication that this is something, as we suspected, people want.

What does this mean for We Make Movies beyond my prideful bragging? Well, a lot of things. At our core, the company may not be a We Make Movies company, but we are We Make Movies people. What we do in this industry always has the goal of creating our community’s content at its heart. The LumaSHARE is a part of that. She is a share storage environment capable of working with online libraries from FCPX, which is a not a common thing on the market. The price point starts at a ridiculously low level, well under $10,000. And while details aren’t finalized yet, we want We Make Movies to benefit from our efforts.

We’re redesigning the lab now, and soon there will be an announcement informing our members that at a certain monthly donation level, the lab will be accessible to you. This means editing, color, onlining/finishing, and more will all be available to people who are contributing to our community at a monthly amount that we still need to figure out that makes sense. We Make Movies is changing how things are done, and now LumaForge is in a position to help bring about that change. There is so much more to say, but for now…

More information will be forthcoming after our official launch on May 1st.