Get Spy

While I typically write this blog to offer my advice or my opinion on the current state of the entertainment industry, I thankfully have the opportunity to share an interview that I did with a current member of We Make Movies and talk about the show that this person wrote and acted in.

The show is called “Get Spy” and the creator/actor is David Beatty. I also had the pleasure of speaking to Lorin Davis who directed the show and Chelsea Alden who played Tech Girl in the series. The show currently has eight episodes and David, Chelsea & Lorin were able to shed some light on how this project came together, how We Make Movies helped with it & what are some tips on how to create a web series.

Ryan: So David, how did you originally get involved with We Make Movies & how long have you been acting/writing?

David: I started acting in college about 20 years ago. Theater was my main source of income, working as an actor doing Rep Theater and summer stock. I moved to LA and got my SAG card working on the TV show “Lois and Clark.” We Make Movies came to my attention one night when I was at a swanky party in the Hollywood hills telling a friend, “I want to create a community of like minded artist that do staged readings for writers, improv nights for actors and script development nights for everybody” My friend said, “you don’t have to invent that sort of thing, it already exists and it’s called We Make Movies.

Ryan: Where did the idea of “Get Spy” come from?

David: When I was a kid, my friends and I would play a game called ‘GUNS’. Wasn’t very complicated. Basically, we dress up in camouflage and run around the neighborhood with guns while trying to shoot each other. “Get Spy” was probably born out of me wanting to relive that part of my childhood.

Ryan: What advice would you give [Lorin] for people looking to make their own web series or film?

Lorin: Do it. Make your art. Ultimately it’s all a learning process and you’re going to make mistakes, but there are lots of resources (friends, other people’s projects, SAG/AFTRA, google, etc., etc.) to figure out what you need to know. This is the fourth web series I’ve directed and with each one I’ve learned. A lot. No matter your level of experience or the size of your budget, making your own short film or web series is really accessible to anyone with the desire to do it. Just go! Take risks and try to enjoy it.

Ryan: How big of a budget were you working with?

David: This is a tough question, because how do you put a price tag on passion? At the first table-read, we crammed into my apartment and read the script. I reassured them I would pay for food, props, specific costumes and whatever extra equipment we needed but their time would be their own. Which means, I wanted them to want to do the project. Not as a favor to me, but because they wanted to be a part of the team, and they all agreed. That kind of dedication is priceless.

Ryan: So Chelsea, what drew you to wanting to be involved in “Get Spy”?

Chelsea: I jumped at the opportunity to work with David Beatty. Having worked with him before, and seen the talent he’s capable of – I was thrilled to have a chance to be a part of whatever the next adventure was going to be.

Ryan: How did you prepare for your role Chelsea?

Chelsea: When David first asked me to play the part of Tech Girl, I asked him if he had a specific character type in mind… We started compiling a few different “tech girl” looks from film and television. Was she more goth like Abby from NCIS, or kind of science nerdy like Cosima from Orphan Black, or like someone who works at the Genius Bar at Apple? Inevitably, we sort of mashed them all up together came up with the concept of her being this rock-a-billy style, tech girl, maybe she sings in a B52’s cover band on the weekends. We don’t know! So really the fun part became, finding the right outfit – the bandana and the lipstick were key! And then developing her sassy nature, which I love. She’s so feisty!!

Ryan: How has We Make Movies helped you with “Get Spy”?

David: I never would have met my producing partner Heather Fusari if not for We Make Movies. We worked together in creating the What’s Next, a live event where filmmakers screen films for critical feedback. After that, it was obvious I invite her to co-produce Get Spy. She’s also a wonderfully talented actress so it was easy to ask her to play the role of Kate in the series.

To watch the first episode of “Get Spy” click on the link here. All eight episodes are available to watch via YouTube.