spring cleaning – getting rid of the poison in your life

if you’re a loyal reader of my column (is there such a thing?), i occasionally stray from the Tech talk and discuss more general business tips and whatnot. today, i’ll be straying even further towards healthy living territory, but since your life always effects your business and vice versa, i still consider it Trade talk.

the gf and i spent a lot of our weekend cleaning the apartment. we’ve been planned our “Spring Cleaning” weekend for weeks and were looking forward to it. interestingly, something else happened at the very beginning of the weekend between myself and an occasionally poisonous person in my life. dealing with and managing your occasionally poisonous relationships is very tricky and requires both courage and finesse. despite the very fancy “Certified Life Coach” certificate i made myself, i’m not actually qualified to tell people what to do with their lives (but really, is anybody?).

certone thing i do know however, is that artists are particularly prone to the effects of emotional tyranny, bullying, passive aggression, etc. in fact, my dealings with the more mean-spirited or just plain negligent sides of fellow artists were what drew me to become a part of the We Make Movies community in the first place. we’re a place devoted to helping artists be awesome to other artists. that’s what our Values are about and that’s what we’re about.

so make sure you’re managing your personal relationships as best you can. you don’t need perfection. you don’t need everybody in your life to be crazy supportive and wonderful, but you do need some support. you do need to live your life and have a modicum of happiness, and if your somebody is making your life more bad than good, then you have to do something about it. the good news is, if you live in Los Angeles, there’s a group of cool, supportive We Make Movies people you can hang out with every Wednesday night – or once a month if you live in Toronto – but you have to take care of the other six nights and seven days each week without us. if you need help, i suggest you get it – preferably from a good friend or family member (a supportive one, obviously) or from somebody who is actually qualified (whatever that means).

i must admit that i’m generally skeptical of any career that’s dependent on YOUR dependency, but i’m sure there are good therapists and coaches out there. i imagine it’s relatively easy to find out if they have an actual track record. when in doubt, check Yelp.

however, as you address your own occasionally poisonous relationships, just make sure you don’t do nothing.