Let’s talk about positivity for a moment. I know, I know, it’s cool to be a total sarcastic world-weary pessimist. But my recent theory is that this sort of outlook can be not-so-great for your acting career.

positivity-is-key-300x228Imagine a little boy that is afraid to leave his room. When he eventually works himself up and is brave enough to venture out, someone outside the door slaps him. He then runs back to the safety of his room. The more the little boy is slapped, the less likely he is to leave his room and be brave enough to play. Eventually, the little boy just decides never to come out again.

That’s what we do to our inner artists, people. When we dare to go out and, say, take an improv class and it doesn’t go exactly perfectly, we beat ourselves up. Or worse, we joke about how stupid we are or how “improv isn’t my thing”. Or if we make a bold choice in an audition room and we don’t get the job (for whatever reason), we then mentally scold ourselves for… well, stepping out of our comfort zone. Words have power. Every spoken word rolls out of our mouths, across our faces, in our ears, and drops down into our souls – whether we want them to or not.

If every time our inner artist comes out to play or to be bold or to make choices that are brave, we slap them with pessimism, then our inner artist will eventually decide not to play. And that is the saddest thing in the world.

Be brave, people.

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