April Rolling Production Fund

here’s the April 2015 update to the We Make Movies Rolling Production Fund, the fund which we’ll use to greenlight community projects as it reaches certain benchmarks. last month all paid members were invited to participate in a vote to decide what type of project we’ll create first and a Short Film won at $5000. as soon as we hit that target a Short Film project will be greenlit, so keep your eye on the newsletter, facebook page or “Members Only” facebook group for more information on when we’ll start accepting submissions, and what the rules will be of that upcoming challenge. we’re plan to complete the selection process before we hit the target and it can take three or more months to complete that process, so it might happen sooner than you realize. only paid members will be able to submit to get their short film funded by this project.


here’s the breakdown:

  • we collected a total of $1849.50 from February pledges (for March memberships).
  • $1849.50 minus $1600 is $249.50.
  • 70% of $249.50 is $174.65
  • $174.65 plus the $147.70 we raised last month is $322.35

don’t forget to start sharpening up your short film script. submissions could open as soon as summer, and if you’re not yet a paid member, make sure you sign up soon if you want to submit your short film script.