2015 WMMFest Now Accepting Submissions!

WE MAKE MOVIES is now accepting submissions for its 3rd Annual WMMFest this June!

We are lucky every year to partner with the HOLLYWOOD FRINGE FESTIVAL and show Hollywood what the world’s first self-funded film collective is doing! Let’s show the man our best work!

To submit:
Email Eric Michael Kochmer at [email protected] (please put WMMFest 2015 SUBMISSION in the subject line)

call_for_submissionsIn the body of the email, please send Eric:
1) The NAME of your film.
2) Link and password to a private ONLINE SCREENER
3) Include the RUN TIME.
4) Relevant CAST & CREW from WMM.
5) Include details if the film was developed at WMM.
*If you are submitting multiple works please include all information in this one email.


1) The film cannot be longer than 20 minutes.
2) If it hasn’t been developed through the workshop, it needs to be affiliated with WMM either through a cast or crew member.
4) Must be able to deliver the film on a high resolution, Quicktime file.

Deadline: Please Submit by April 15th.