Rolling Production Fund!

so welcome to the first ever We Make Movies Rolling Production Fund update.

as promised, we will be adding 70% of all money raised above the $1600 from our Patreon campaign into a Rolling Production Fund with which we’ll be making projects voted on by you, the members of our community.

what we raised

didn’t quite make $1600 after all during December (processed for January memberships).

but during January (processed for February memberships) we were able to raise $1654.50. as you can see, a few pledges never made it through unfortunately – but that seems common. so of the money that DID go through, $1654.50 minus $1600 is $54.50, and 70% of that is $38.15. so that is our FIRST EVER deposit into the Rolling Production Fund: $38.15.

may not seem like much, but for the first ever community-funded production company fund, it’s not a bad start. tell your friends about us and to join on up, and 70% of their membership funds will go directly into the each month’s RPF. also, keep your eye out for the poll to see what type of project we’ll make first! that’s coming very soon!

… and away we go!