The Director’s Cut: “You wanna make a movie?”

Hey, wanna make a movie?” Isn’t that the most beautiful line ever? Well, for a filmmaker it is!

Mariachi for nothing
But how, where and what about the millions needed?! And what about the film crew and actors – like is George Clooney available? He will surely love Christiania …

There is a misconception that films are expensive to produce and you need many years of film school to learn how to make a film. Total rubbish. The best way, like most things in life, is to learn by doing.

Of course if you want to make ‘Star Wars 7’ or a huge sweeping historical drama, it will cost. But a lot can be done with very little. For example, across the pond Robert Rodriguez famously made ‘El Mariachi’ for next to nothing and used his body as a lab rat to support the film; Kevin Smith shot ‘Clerks’ in a convenience store where he worked at night; and Quentin Tarantino made a no budget film called ‘My Best Friend’s Birthday’ before making ‘Reservoir Dogs’.

No permission needed
So what’s my point? Well, I sat in a window on Bredgade to get a little support for my next feature film, and I didn’t attend Det Danske Filmskole to get permission to be a filmmaker. If you want to make films, just make a film and you’re a filmmaker…

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