Everything We’ve Learned Since the ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Trailer


It’s been three days since J.J. Abrams and the forces behind Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens delivered unto us 88-seconds of a teaser trailer to whet our appetites for the December 2015 release. It will be a year before hardcores will be standing in line on opening night and other movie lovers will follow in succession. The trailer itself was 88-seconds of new and nostalgic alike, featuring (fittingly) seven quick scenes to introduces to a few new faces — Attack the Block‘s John Boyega as a marooned Stormtrooper, Daisy Ridley as a scavenger, a soccer ball-styled droid who sounds like a familiar robotic friend, a still secretive yet menacing hooded figure — and of course, one very old friend in the Millennium Falcon. Beyond these seven little peeks, we’ve still seen almost nothing from Episode VII. But in the days since people began watching the trailer over and over again, we’ve learned quite a bit.

Here’s what we know so far.

1. Stormtroopers of color are in, racist fans can take a hike

The trailer’s opening shot shows talented young John Boyega, who broke out in Attack the Block in 2011, as a helmetless Stormtrooper who appears to be marooned on a planet with a lot of sand. Since the trailer’s release, a small segment of fans have complained about the existence of a black Stormtrooper. Seeing as these folks of stone-aged opinions have about as much creative control as they do sense, it’s usually not worth even talking about their gripes. However, John Boyega’s response was perfect. In a note he left on Instagram, he urged any racist Star Wars fans to “get used to it.”

2. That grizzled narrator voice is that of…

Andy Serkis! Yes, Caesar himself is the one narrating the awakening of forces light and dark, according to our friend Drew McWeeny at Hitfix. As McWeeny explains, nothing else is known about the role Serkis is playing in the film, but that’s certainly his voice.

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