Sony Pictures’ Movies Leaked Courtesy Of North Korea


I know James Franco can be a little tiresome, but even I wouldn’t have called the multi-hyphenate actor-director-artist-attention monger-hyphen collector a threat to national security…until now. Now I’m going to do just that. James Franco is a threat to national security and so, apparently, is Seth Rogen! Sony Pictures is speculating that The Interview, a geopolitical comedy starring Franco and Rogen, may have provoked a North Korean cyber attack against the company’s digital assets. Those assets include a number of unreleased films which have been leaked onto the web in the wake of the attack, leading to substantial piracy losses for the studio.

It’s a story that doubles as possibly the most over-the-top viral marketing campaign of all time. TheInterview is a comedy depicting a haphazard CIA plot to assassinate North Korean dictator and human Grumpy Cat impersonator Kim Jong-Un. The North Korean government responded with threats of “merciless retaliation” against the United States and its allies if the film was released, but since the North Korean government threatens merciless retaliation about once a week no one really paid much attention. In retrospect that may have been unwise. According to Recode outside investigators employed by Sony are pointing blame for the attack at a group of China based hackers employed by North Korea.

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