MIRANDA – Posted 10/2/14

Production: Miranda
Contact: Selena Razack
Contact Email[email protected]
Contact Phone Number: 954-205-7158
Location: Los Angeles

Casting: Female / Lead / All Ethnicities / 22 – 37

Description: Miranda is a warrior huntress in a dangerous but beautiful world. She is reckless and destructive, driven by her impulsiveness and the hubris of youth. Highly active, she begins the story as a creature a part of the world, but certainly at odds with it. Throughout the course of her journey she learns to become more in tune with nature, her surroundings, and eventually herself, developing an appreciation for all forms of life. Her aggressiveness comes to evolve into an understanding of her relationship to her world. Her clothes are tribal robes very earthy in colors, torn and tattered from her adventures, all held together by a large metal and leather belt. Feathers and beads trail from her hair as well as other parts of her outfit. She carries a spear with her that is an extension of her character, the way she holds it and moves with it reveals that her relationship with this weapon is an important part of her identity. Wardrobe Tribal, prehistoric dress.

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