Temporary Foreign Workers: Film, TV Industry Assured Timely Permits

Representatives from the film and TV industry say Immigration Minister Chris Alexander has given them his personal assurance that new rules for temporary foreign workers won’t discourage foreign actors and directors from doing business in Canada.

As CBC News reported on Wednesday, Alexander met with industry representatives to discuss recent changes to Canada’s work permit rules which they say has lumped them into the same category as employers who hire low-skilled workers following an overhaul to the Temporary Foreign Worker Program in June.

Foreign actors and directors who want to film in Canada have to pay a $1,000 fee per worker and submit to a 15-day waiting period to obtain a work permit. But film and TV producers say the new rules are scaring away U.S. actors and directors, along with hundreds of Canadian jobs that come with those contracts.

David Bouck, the executive producer of Means Of Production, a television commercial and print service production company, told CBC News on Thursday that Alexander was open to correcting the problem.

“The minister was extremely receptive and encouraged us to feel we were going to have an even better processing system for bringing in our directors, directors of photography and other key crew and actors for the industry.”…

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