Hey Guys.

Daniel here from the Music Bed. Real quick, I want to tell you about our latest idea: We want to help you bring your next short film idea to life. It’s called #ProjectFilmSupply, and we’re giving away more than $50,000 in prizes from awesome brands like RØDE, Kessler, Freefly, Blackmagic and more.

Here’s how #ProjectFilmSupply works.

Step 1: For the month of August, we’ll ask the filmmaking community to submit a short film idea + mood board for the project they’ve always dreamed of creating.

Step 2: Those who submit an idea will ask their friends, family, and followers to vote for their projects.

Step 3: The Community + TMB will decide which three stories rise to the top and which one absolutely has to become a reality (the two runners up will receive loads of incredible prizes)

This is your chance to bring your dream project to life! Can’t wait to see what you guys have got up your sleeves.

-Daniel McCarthy

Click HERE for your chance to win!