Predator/Prey Short Film Competition

From WMMer Dawn Alden! Check out this competition & check out VICARIOUS FILMS for more info.


Vicarious Films is sponsoring a short film competition inspired by the article Casual Predation by Arikia Millikan, as published in LadyBits on Medium.

As evidenced by the #yesallwomen thread on Twitter, and the murders in California that inspired it, women live in a different world than men even while side by side with them. Mention certain experiences and all the women in the room will nod their heads in sympathy and recognition, while the men in the room will scratch their heads in puzzlement. The experience of feeling like Prey is one of them.

When I first read this article, I was flooded with so many ideas for making short films that I had no idea how to make just one. I wanted to get this idea out, as a teaching tool, as an expression of a hidden reality that I don’t see represented in mainstream media, despite it being so ubiquitous. I wanted to see what other women filmmakers would choose as their take on the experience, how they would tell this story. Vicarious Films has never sponsored a film contest, but this seemed the perfect opportunity to do so.

In keeping with Vicarious Film’s mission of providing opportunities for women both in front of and behind the camera, submissions will be required to have majority representation of women in key creative roles. Details are below.

Competition Rules

The contest is open to all student and professional filmmakers, from all over the globe.

Entries must meet the following requirements:

  • Films must be under 10 minutes
  • Films may be of any discipline (narrative, documentary, animation, etc)
  • Films must relate to the theme of Predator/Prey as written about in the article by Arikia Millikan, Casual Predation
  • Films must be in English or subtitled in English
  • Entrants must register by September 15th, 2014 and only films submitted by filmmakers who have registered will be accepted
  • Films must have a majority of women in the following key positions: writer, director, cinematographer, editor. A majority means more than half these positions must be staffed by women. This same rule still applies if two of the positions are filled by the same person (e.g. writer/director or director/cinematographer)
  • Ethnic and cultural diversity both behind and in front of the camera is highly encouraged
  • Entrants must ensure that before submission they have obtained all licenses and clearances (including, but not limited to, copyrights, artist rights, usage rights, performance rights) to allow all elements of the film to be screened in public across all media, including broadcast, cinema, web and wireless
  • Completed films must be uploaded to Vimeo or YouTube with a private link sent to [email protected] for viewing by the judges
  • Entries must be submitted by the deadline of midnight on December 21, 2014