14 Movies Every Tech Geek Will Love

1. The Social Network

Let’s get this one out of the way. Friends have recommended it to you a million times, and with good reason. The Oscar-winning flick about the founding of Facebook is a necessary watch for anyone who loves social media. Razor-sharp dialogue and performances from Jesse Eisenberg give a potentially silly movie a real contender’s edge.

The film also boasts a techie fun fact: The Winklevoss twins were played by one actor, Armie Hammer — the rest was taken care of by digital grafting and the use of body double Josh Pence.

2. The Conversation

To casual filmgoers, Francis Ford Coppola is The Godfather. For shame, because The Conversation is one of Coppola’s best films (but was overshadowed by its release the same year as The Godfather 2). Nonetheless, the film about a surveillance expert who spies on a couple that might get murdered was nominated for three major Oscars and is a serious must-see.

3. Iron Man

Here’s an ultimate fantasy for all tech geeks and comic-lovers. Tony Stark is a superhero bad boy with a billion dollars to his name, who becomes part machine after a terrible accident…

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