Gentle Werewolf – Posted 7/8/14

Production: Gentle Werewolf
ContactBrendan Weinhold
Contact Email[email protected]
Contact Phone Number: 213-984-5527
Location: Los Angeles

Production Type: Webisode
Production Title: Gentle Werewolf

Written by: Brendan Weinhold, Jesse Bangs, and Stina Pederson.
Workshopped at We Make Movies in 2013.

Synopsis:       Nearing 30, Tom is at a dead end – he can’t hold a job, can’t figure out what he’s good at, is unsuccessful in love, and now, he may just be a werewolf too.

Director:       Chelsea Mayer
Producer:       Diana Ward
Production Company:     Darley Street Disco
Location:       Los Angeles, Fall 2014
Rate:   Low paid
Final Date for Submissions:     7/17/2014 5:00:00 PM PST
Apply to: Please send head shot, resume and link to reel to: [email protected] with the character name you are submitting for as the subject line.
Auditions to be held second week of August


Name:   COURTNEY, 28
Sex:    Female
Description of character: She’s cool, calm, and collected in everything except her crush on Jacob (6). She takes care of others, and knows how to assert herself. She’s happily working her way through the film production ladder but has bigger dreams that her positive approach to life is leading her towards. She isn’t looking for trouble, but she’ll find that she’s capable of handling it. REGULAR (2)

Name:   JESSE, 32
Sex:    Male
Description of character: Reasonable, kindly and conscientious are the most common things people say about Jesse. Basically he’s a giant teddy bear. Large in height, size and heart, he’s emotionally grounded and everyone’s go-to person for love advice. He can see multiple sides of an argument. He’s usually very down-to-earth, except of course when it’s to do with his own relationship with Chris (4) and his oft strange dreams. REGULAR (3)

Name:   CHRIS, 29
Sex:    Male
Description of character: Always intentionally the center of attention, he’s used to being adored. Lacking a certain self-censorship gene, he might not mean it, but he’ll say it if it makes people turn their heads toward him. Thanks to his god-given good looks, he usually gets away with it too. You’d think he was a player but he completely loves his boyfriend Jesse (3). REGULAR (4)

Name:   KAYLA, 27
Sex:    Female
Description of character: Sporty, outdoorsy, vegetarian, enigmatic. She has a secret life that requires her to be physically and mentally agile, analytical and observant. She excels at what she does, but now that she’s starting to let people into her life, friendships are beginning to interfere. REGULAR (5)

Name:   JACOB, 30
Sex:    Male
Description of character: He’s a clown. Really. He also believes in the supernatural and he’s serious about it. So much so that you might wonder if he knows something we don’t know. He’s also super friendly, which is about as close as he gets to creepy clown. Considering how people often react to his chosen career, he’s starting to think that a magician is a more enticing career, but then again, he’s not. Clowning is his thing and he knows it. RECURRING (6)

Name:   SAMANTHA, 29
Sex:    Female
Description of character: Independent, practical, private. Samantha knows there’s more to the world than meets the eye, but she wants evidence before she jumps on the bandwagon. Samantha is the voice of scientific reason. She’s a post-grad in biology, incredibly private about her life and driven in her research. Although she’s into sociology and anthropology, she will not be a part of anyone’s relationships drama. RECURRING (7)

Name:   MARIE, 50+
Sex:    Female
Description of character: A dog-walker and visor aficionado, Marie has a sense of humor about the universe and the wrench it throws into best laid plans. She is the queen of the quip and is never afraid to use it. RECURRING (8)

Name:   AUNTIE, 40+
Sex:    Female
Description of character: Motherly, officious and powerful, she’s not unkind, but she must make the choices that are best for the secret government organization she is a part of. GUEST (9)

Name:   CLARA, 30+
Sex:    Female
Description of character: She’s drier than dry, a meter maid and tired of all the smartasses that drive and overstay their meters in LA, which is everyone. GUEST (10)

DISCLAIMER: The persons and events depicted in this casting breakdown are fictitious. Any similarity to actual persons or events is unintentional.