Did You Know David Lynch Had a Cartoon Show? He Did, & You Can Watch it Here

David Lynch, despite the reputation he earned with films like Blue Velvet and Mulholland Drive, lush tone poems of the unconscious, and of course, Eraserhead, a sui generis piece of work that is, more than anything he has ever done, unlike anything else ever made by anyone, a direct line to the unconscious, has always stayed true to his vision. Then he’ll go make The Straight Story, a completely (ahem) straightforward tale, directed with the skill of a consummate Hollywood pro, not a self-conscious filmmaker unable to leave his comfort zone. And he has always dabbled in graphics, with short films, comic strips, and his 2002 web series, the short-lived Dumbland, which, if you continue on, you can check it out, along with some of the Eagle Scout’s other graphic work.

Lynch started his career making experimental shorts in the late 60s, and The Alphabet is among his most famous. A disturbing (really, you don’t say?) and dreamlike (no!) piece that features a mix of live action and animation that is quite sophisticated for student work (he was attending UCLA at the time.)…

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