BREAKING BAD – Motivated Camera Movement

Cinema is a visual art form. It is universal and ubiquitous. The same images and stories flash by inside a darkened theater as they do inside your living room. Films enthrall us. They are spellbinding. They are magical. The spectacle of seeing moving images for the first time is something never forgotten. The first film I saw was JAWS at a drive-in theater in Canada at the age of 4. I’m still petrified of sharks. Thanks Spielberg!

For a long time…the camera did not move. It was planted on a tripod and the action played out in front of it. After a while, it began to pan, tilt, dolly, zoom and crane. Now it Steadicams, slides, floats, MŌVIs, flies, goes handheld or can be mounted to any and every moving or stationary object. There are no limits to how or where you can shoot from. This freedom comes with a consequence. Just because you can…doesn’t mean you should. Camera movement is most effective when it serves the story and enhances the narrative. This is easier said then done. It requires thought and planning…

Check out the video for BREAKING BAD – Motivated Camera Movement, originally blogged about on Vashi Visuals.