Subscribe for a Sketch challenge – Rules & Regulations

We Make Movies’ Subscribe for a Sketch Challenge Rules & Regulations

Competition is only open to people currently residing in the Los Angeles Metro area, or to those who can appear at the sketch shoot in the Los Angeles Metro area on a date to be determined during or around May 2014 at their own expense. We Make Movies will NOT cover travel, room, or board expenses for artists traveling to Los Angeles for the shoot date. We Make Movies is in no way responsible for any challenge participant either not living in the Los Angeles area or able to cover their own travel, room or board during the TBD sketch shoot date. These entrants will automatically be deemed ineligible.

Eligible persons who tweet the following from their own legitimate twitter account, and then get that tweet a minimum of 15 retweets, are automatically entered in the game:

Help [your twitter handle] win a fully produced @WeMakeMoviez sketch. Subscribe to & retweet by 4/18! #WMMOriginals

The eligible challenge participant whose twitter handle has the most retweets of the above by separate, legitimate twitter accounts at 6:00pm on April 18th, 2014 will have a comedic sketch of no more than four pages written especially for them by screenwriter Zack Van Eyck (JUPITER LANDING, THREE OF A KIND). Mr Van Eyck, one of We Make Movies’ most prolific and hilarious writers, will write a custom sketch in a timely manner with one major character written specifically for the game winner to portray, and the full sketch will be produced by the Los Angeles film collective We Make Movies at a date to be determined during or near May 2014. Members of the We Make Movies tweets will be counted toward the contest starting at 9am PST on March 3rd while general public entrants’ tweet count will begin on March 18th at 9am PST. Challenge entrants must be 18 years of age or older at the finish of the contest to be eligible for the prize.

Only one retweet per twitter account will be counted toward the challenge. Only retweets from actual legitimate accounts will be counted, and the We Make Movies team reserves the right to deem any player of the game instantly ineligible if there’s a reasonable suspicion that they bought or otherwise solicited retweets from tweet sellers, hackers or other illegitimate twitter accounts, coders or aggregators. Challenge winners may be the star of their own sketch OR gift the sketch to another willing participant of their choosing.

***ALSO, might we suggest getting your celebrity friends or people with tons of twitter followers to retweet? The more followers, the more likely people will retweet, the better your odds of winning.

Current We Make Movies sketches are being shot at YouTube Space LA. We Make Movies will do their due diligence to also have the winning sketch shot at YouTube Space LA, but will not be held liable if for any reason they are unable to book the shoot at YouTube Space LA. In such a case, We Make Movies will arrange for another location on the shoot date and will cover reasonable production costs, such as camera, crew and craft service. We Make Movies will not be liable for gas or travel costs of any kind, but will cover all other reasonable production costs as determined by the director of the sketch. The director will be chosen by the We Make Movies production team from the current pool of directors within the We Make Movies Los Angeles/Hollywood community.

All other production decisions will be made by the We Make Movies production team along with the director of the sketch, and in no instance will the game winner be asked for money, fees or compensation of any kind for production of the sketch in question. The challenge winner will be given the opportunity to act in the specially-written sketch, but is in no way required to appear in the sketch if for any reason he or she chooses to opt out.

The We Make Movies production team agrees to do their due diligence to schedule, produce and edit the winning sketch, but reserves the right to deem ineligible any game player whom they reasonably consider too inflexible or demanding to satisfy. The final, edited sketch will be posted in a timely manner on the WMMOriginals YouTube channel.