Storytelling in an ‘A.D.D. Culture’: How to Capture Your Audience’s Divided Attention

What is at the core of filmmaking? It’s the same thing that made us want to pick up a camera in the first place. Storytelling. But, as things tend to do, the landscape of media consumption has evolved to match our changing needs and desires. Platforms like Twitter, YouTube, andNetflix have sprung up to accommodate this change, but have the ways we tell stories followed suit? Gary Vaynerchuck doesn’t seem to think so. In this 99U talk, the best-selling author and founder of VaynerMedia describes how to be better storytellers in today’s “A.D.D. Culture.”

Though Vaynerchuck’s reference to storytelling encompasses everything from tweets to feature films, his message is an intriguing one — one that all filmmakers could certainly learn from. He explains that storytellers need to be aware of how their audience is changing. We live in a time where we can consume media how we want, when we want, and where we want, and so grabbing and/or keeping one’s attention isn’t as easy as putting yourself in front of their face.

For indie filmmakers, the very thing that gave our films a fighting chance to be seen, direct distribution, has actually helped facilitate the over-saturation of the industry. How do filmmakers make their mark and carve out their own fanbase when there are over 6 billion hours of video on YouTube with 100 hours more hours being uploaded every minute?…

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